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13 Years of Hamas in Gaza

Hamas has had 13 years to improve Gaza. Here's what they've accomplished: Since then, Hamas has: ✅ Brutally oppressed their own people ✅ Used Palestinians as human shields ✅ Initiated 3 wars that devastated Gaza ✅ Tortured and murdered dissident Palestinians and alleged collaborators ✅ Stolen foreign aid money to use to terrorist purposes ✅ Endangered the lives of children, journalists and international NGO workers ✅ Cynically abused good faith humanitarian efforts that should have provided medical treatment to Palestinians ✅ Become another agent of Iranian terrorism in the Middle East ✅ Destroyed the Palestinian economy, ✅ Led to a 50% unemployment rate ✅ Allowed unsanitary water and inadequate electricity supply due to not paying bills to the Palestinian Authority ✅ Provided assistance to terrorists like ISIS