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Join StandWithUs in supporting Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, H.E Danny Danon, and demanding that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) strongly condemn and act against the Palestinian Authority’s ongoing direct financial support for convicted terrorists. 

StandWithUs believes that education is the road to peace, while these payments to terrorists are nothing but a clear path to violence, conflict, and injustice for Israelis and Palestinians alike. 


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Sign the Petition!

Demand the UNSC act against Palestinian incitement!

On May 10, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, H.E Danny Danon, wrote to the President of the Security Council explaining how the Palestinian Authority (PA) has instituted a particularly egregious form of support for terror. According to PA laws and regulations, every terrorist arrested, tried and imprisoned receives monthly financial payments. It is estimated that over seven percent (!!) of their annual budget is spent on supporting these terrorists.

The UNSC must demand a complete and utter halt of this immoral policy of rewarding violence against Israeli civilians.

The international community has donated billions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority since its inception. These funds are intended to assist Palestinian leaders in building better lives for their people, educating their children and ensuring the health and wellbeing of their elderly. We MUST NOT accept a situation where foreign aid funded by our tax dollars is exploited by the PA to reward terrorists.

Ending payments to convicted terrorists is not only an obligation of the PA under all past agreements, but an act of justice and morality which must be insisted on by all members of the international community. This is our demand today.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Security Council to strongly condemn the ongoing support and glorification of terrorists by the Palestinian Authority and demand an immediate halt to payments made to those who have been convicted for involvement in terrorist activity against Israel.

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